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Recommended: Gutter Twins w/Great Northern @ Antone’s 3.


The Gutter Twins are playing Antone’s this Wednesday 3.26 with Los Angeles band Great Northern. There are two reasons to make it out to this show, The Gutter Twins, and Great Northern.

If you aren’t familiar with The Gutter Twins, then surely you must be familiar with the combined body of work by the the two principal members and songwriters, Greg Dulli and Mark Lanegan. Dulli spent most of the 90′s holding down a solid place in the rock/soul/grunge circuit with the outfit Afghan Whigs, earning a reputation for a songwriter teetering on the edge of utter darkness and depression. Dark and desperate the songs played out with the music to provide listeners with several albums of memorable moments. Lanegan spent the early 90′s as the growling front-man for the grunge band Screaming Trees. Probably one of the best in the grunge genre, never to succumb to the pitfalls of the exploding mainstream popularity of the category.

Since the demise of The Afghan Wigs and Screaming Trees, the two crooners have been involved in several other projects. Dulli with The Twilight Singers, and Lanegan with Queens of the Stone Age, The Twilight Singers, and singing duets with Isobell Cambell (Belle and Sebastian). The two singers penchant for dark mysterious lyrics and subject matter, prove them to be perfect soul mates in music.

I hesitated a bit to pick up the latest release from the band, expecting something a bit better than mediocre, but have quickly come to understand that it’s a powerful album hinting at the styles and moments that made some of their past efforts great, while maintaining it’s own identity. I strongly recommend picking up a copy of Saturnalia, whether you be a first time listener or a fan of the past work.

I’ve seen both of these guys on stage several times taking part in separate projects, and even sharing the stage together, and can assure you that those in attendance of the show on Wednesday will walk away with a whole new respect for these two talented songwriters and performers.


Great Northern open up the show, and are one of my favorite discoveries of last year. I happened upon the band opening up for a band I had gone to see, and after catching their performance, the headlining act wasn’t able to hold my attention. Get there early to catch the dreamy sounds as breezy as the cool spring winds at the forefront of a rolling storm.

Great Northern and The Gutter Twins @ Antones Doors @ 8 p.m. Buy Tickets

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