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The National Support Obama w/T-Shirt Design

I’m not claiming any political alliance with any candidate, as I choose to not speak my political views or opinions as a general rule. I just think that this is news worthy, and I really like The National. I mean, I really like The National. And it’s kind of a cool way to show support I think.

The National, one of the greatest bands around currently if you haven’t been paying attention, have designed a t-shirt for Barack Obama in support of the presidential candidate. The design features Obama’s mug placed above the wording “Mr. November” which is the title of a song off of the band’s release Alligator. All proceeds from the t-shirt sales go towards Obama’s campaign fund.

I suggest that you listen to the words of the song as they are curiously suited for this little project.

MP3> The National ‘Mr. November’

You can purchase the shirt here: The National Online Shop


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  1. David September 22nd, 2008 9:15 am

    Thank you! At least one other person has made this observation. I’m a HUGE The National fan –they’re probably my favorite live band (and “Mr. November” is certainly one of their best live songs). So when I heard that they were making those t-shirts, I at first thought it was a joke. I thought to myself, “finally someone is making fun of this ridiculous Obama fervor. Kudos to Matt Berninger (or one of the Devendorf or Dessner brothers, or whoever came up with the idea) for the t-shirt.” But then I was stunned when I discovered they were doing this in *support* of the Obama campaign… (To be fair, I should note that I’m a Democrat, but not an Obamaniac.) But then I thought, that that is the ultimate, perfect joke on the pro-Obama youth who don’t know anything about his actual proposals or platform. If you wear that shirt, you’re saying “I’m a fan of the National, but I’ve actually never really listened to their music.” You’re saying, “I’m a fan of Obama, but I actually have no clue what the substance of his candidacy is…”

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