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ACL 2008 Pick: Colour Revolt

Another young band from the south that’s doing their part to keep rock-n-roll alive, Colour Revolt have been a favorite of mine for a good part of the year. Armed with 3 guitars and Jesse Coppenbarger’s intense, often despair riddled, and constantly questioning lyrics, this band deserves many an attention. Complex arrangements, which some compare to math rock, require a committed listen to understand the quality and depth of the material.

The band signed to Fat Possum Records after releasing their self-titled EP, and released their full length debut Plunder, Beg, and Curse earlier this year. Putting off much touring until the band members could finish up their college commitment, summer finds the band both scholastic graduates and freshman in the music world. Put on your serious face and prepare to be bludgeoned by the music of Colour Revolt.

Colour Revolt play the BMI Stage on Sunday @ 4:40

MP3> Colour Revolt ‘Moses Of The South’

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