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ACL 2008 Pick: Fleet Foxes

I’m going to speculate that a majority of the bloggers out there putting out recommendations for this year’s ACL Festival are picking this band, Fleet Foxes . They are recommending for good reason.  I held off on getting on-board with the Fleet Foxes for a few months, only to find myself completely engrossed with the amazing melodies, song structure, and harmonies of this extremely talented group. In this current state of the music industry when “buzz” bands go from virtually unknowns to indie rock celebs, most really fail to deliver on promises made by the “buzz” makers. Fleet Foxes aren’t that band. Their “buzz” is the real deal and they deliver.

This band has released what could be my two favorite recordings of this year, the self-titled full length on Sub Pop Records and the equally impressive EP Sun Giant. The band was a late addition to the festival and unfortunately has an early time slot that will inevitably evade most folks. I can guarantee that the presence of the Fleet Foxes will be felt many times over in the coming year and festival slots will be geared more to the bands advantage. How the beautifully delicate structure of the band’s music will translate on the large stage early in the day is yet to be determined, but missing out on the opportunity to see this band on it’s rise shouldn’t be an option.

Fleet Foxes play the AMD Stage @ 12:30 on Saturday the 27th.

MP3> Fleet Foxes Mykonos Sun Giant EP

MP3> Fleet Foxes ‘Ragged Wood’

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