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ACL 2008 Pick: Silversun Pickups

It almost goes without saying that “Lazy Eye” was one of many summer anthems last year. At this point, it’s probably already been used in several commercials for various products. But there’s a lot more to the Silversun Pickups than that one song.

Slowly but surely, the L.A. quartet has started to rise among the indie ranks.
Their often gritty, grunge-like sound ultimately makes me nostalgic for old school alternative bands like the Smashing Pumpkins (circa Mellon Collie). Yet there still is a certain quality to singer Brian Aubert’s vocals that are (refreshingly) different.

Having already opened for the likes of Wolfmother and the Kaiser Chiefs, as well as played Coachella last year, Silversun Pickups will be a band worth seeing on Sunday at 4:30 on the AT&T stage.

MP3> Silversun Pickups ‘Lazy Eye’

MP3> Silversun Pickups ‘Three Seed’ Live @ Emos

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