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SXSW Party Info. I Try To Make It Easy

As much as I try to wrap my head around how big this week in Austin has become, it only becomes more confusing. I can only imagine how mind boggling it can be for someone who isn’t nearly read or active in the music scene as many of us are, and as much as I wish I could bring some clarity to it, I myself feel awash in information. There are many sites out there that do a good job of helping to wade through the sea of parties, events, and music, and here are a few that I’ll be using to plan my SXSW.

  • The Austinist – Always full of great event info, and they just put up a very thorough list of events, most of them free, some if you RSVP.
  • – You should already be using this site for your event info, but they are cranking it up this year with a special SXSW Section.
  • Showlist Austin – Always a great resource for non-SXSW and non-badge parties taking place.
  • Ultra 8201 – Our good friends over @ Ultra have been busting some ass this year posting many a party event. Well done guys.
  • Done – A very detailed and complete site for all SXSW information.

There you have it my friends. A handful of sites that will provide you with more party information that you could ever need for 4 days of SXSW. You don’t need a badge, or a wristband, or even that much $$$ to see a ton of great bands, score some free beverages, and even a little grub. Take a break from the cubicle and soak up some of what has become the biggest week in music, in the world.

Stay tuned for my picks of bands to see this year………..

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