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The Constantines Rock Emo’s 6.6

photos by : Joel Sumner

Since being made painfully aware that I had been missing out on one of the greatest rock bands around currently, I’ve dedicated myself to the idea that, albeit a rare event, I was not to miss The Constantines live show if it came anywhere near Austin. It’s true, the band doesn’t make the trip from Canada down to these parts often, but when they do, you can bet that there will be a throng of true Constantines fans there to savor every moment. True to that statement, was the show on Saturday night @ Emo’s inside.

In the current musical climate of reinvented folk rock testing your patience or tripped out mind-f*** pseudo psychedelic dribble, The Constantines play pure and simple rock-n-roll. You know, the stuff that got us to where we are today, lest we forget our history. Just 5 guys, with guitars and drums, belting out the real life events, emotions, and feelings of characters that we all know too well.

The size of the crowd, being a bit smaller than what I was expecting, made up for their lacking in mass, with their raw enthusiasm and obvious appreciation for the band. As the band tore through their mass collection of material, bringing to life the obvious highlights of their catalog, “Shine A Light”, “Nightime/Anytime (It’s Alright), and “Young Lions”, you could feel the intensity of the crowd increase with each passing song. It was one of those rare and fleeting moments where you can find yourself unified by music, with the people surrounding you, reinforcing the reality that you are alive, and life is nothing short of great, if only for that evening. Compliments of The Constantines.

MP3> The Constantines ‘I Will Not Sing A Hateful Song’

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