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Denton’s Baruch The Scribe

There’s a genuine honesty and realness that happens in music occasionally wrapped in a weight of upright creativity and passion, that lands in your lap on those special occasions. Denton’s Baruch The Scribe might fit the bill for this particular occasion.

A beautiful organic approach to minimalistic, ambient music created in it’s own patient time and space, Baruch The Scribe may be on the right track to something really great. The instrumentation is broad and airy while the recording incorporates everyday day sounds into the mix. The band has a 6 song EP titled (Let Us Call Them As The World Calls Them) Evil Memories that flows seamlessly from start to finish like the seasons of the year.

MP3> Baruch The Scribe ‘In A Field Of Stiff Weeds’
MP3> Baruch The Scribe ‘Today I Circled The Room With Screams’

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