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MP3: Land Of Talk “Quarry Hymns”

If there’s a Canadian band that should be receiving your attention currently, I would point you in the direction of Land Of Talk. I know that there’s some other group pulling at your musical heart strings currently, but these folks are the real deal. I posted the captivating live acoustic performance of this track “Quarry Hymns” off the upcoming release Cloak and Cipher and the album version of the track just surfaced, and as expected, sounds incredibly tempting.

If you haven’t seen Elizabeth Powell, the driving force for this band, well…she’s a treat to watch live.

Cloak and Cipher hits legal on Aug 24th on Saddle Creek, and locally you’ll have the rare opportunity to see this band at the Parish on Oct 15th.

MP3> Land Of Talk ‘Quarry Hymns’

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  1. Ming August 11th, 2010 1:56 pm

    I love this song and the new album.

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