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Austin’s Black Books..An Introduction To

One of my New Year’s resolutions for 2011 was to devote more time here to local Austin artists. It’s not that I’m not involved in the local scene, it’s just that my involvement is separate from this blog, and overlapping the two would be..a slight conflict of interest? That might not be clear to most, but some of you know what I’m talking about. Either way, my resolution seems to have come at the right time, because starting off 2011, I’ve come across a few local artists that have blindsided me, not only with the fact that they seem to have come from nowhere, but in the fact that have produced some of my current favorite recorded tunes. One of those bands is Black Books. I would have to give credit to Austin Town Hall for catching the talent of this 5 piece outfit pretty quick.

As with most bands that seem to drop from out of nowhere, there isn’t much info out there about the group. Well acquainted friends for years that have played music, suddenly decide to form a band and put out some tunes. Having a band member with a recording studio in his house that doubles as a practice space, is a luxury that most bands would prefer, much less kill for, and from which, would benefit greatly. The band has a 4 song EP titled An Introduction To… which is being handled by the UK label Shifting Sounds. The EP is currently available for FREE download on the bands Bandcamp page, but the free won’t last forever. A Feb 15th release date of limited edition 10″ vinyl via Shifting Sounds will probably bring the free to a halt, so get it now.

As for the band’s’s pretty inevitable that there are going to be the My Morning Jacket and Band of Horses comparisons based on the vocals and some of the musical tones, but there’s something unique and interesting brewing in this short set of songs. Electronic accessories that hint at Grandaddy on track 1 “The Big Idea” find themselves sharing as much of the structural integrity throughout the recording, while each track establishes it’s own identity within the space and structure that the band collectively weaves. Well written songs both lyrically and musically, with attention to the details will have locals paying attention to Black Books over the next year.

MP3> Black Books ‘The Big Idea’

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