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Black Books New Track “Out The Door” + Cover The Cardigans “Lovefool”

It’s no secret to anyone paying attention to the Austin music scene that Black Books created a steady stir of buzz about themselves when they quietly released their debut EP An Introduction To.. about a year ago. that we’ve been introduced, when might we hear some new material and most importantly when will have full length from the band? That question has been on the minds of many and the answers are coming…

The band recently set loose a brand new track from their upcoming full-length titled “Out The Door” on their Bandcamp page just two days ago. And if this is any indication of what to expect from the pending release, which we hope to see early in 2012, we are all in for a treat. I’m pretty sure that we are…

The new track comes just a few days after a cover of The Cardigans “Love Fool” showed up on the SYFFAL (Shut Your Fucking Face And Listen) site. Love the name by the way.

And I bring you both..The beautiful “Out The Door” single and the fun, dreamy cover “Lovefool”..

MP3> Black Books ‘Out The Door’

MP3> Black Books ‘Lovefool’ (Cardigans Cover)

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