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Video: The Flaming Lips + Lightning Bolt “I’m Working At NASA On Acid” + Lightning Bolt @ Emo’s Wed 8.29

Anything that Wayne Coyne does these days is at the least worth a few minutes of investigation, as the guy is a non-stop creative storm of insanity and at times beauty. This collaboration between The Flaming Lips and Lightning Bolt seems an odd fit, and the video only proves it to be true, but interesting nonetheless. The thought of Wayne Coyne working at NASA wreaks of fear and infinite possibilities. Working at NASA on acid..with Lighting Bolt…we would have probably inhabited Mars by now.

Check out the video and check out Lightning Bolt here in Austin at Emos Wed 8.29. I accidentally caught them once, and was completely caught by surprise and couldn’t look away…don’t know the music, but the show was mesmerizing.


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