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Bridge Farmers…Hell Yeah!

Just as I was starting to gently slip into the digitized pool of electronic dance rock and chill wave, while waving a handful of daisies at 60′s influenced, lo-fi, California hug me sounds, Austin’s Bridge Farmers punch me right in the f****** mouth. And I like it.

Rewind back to the 90′s, past the mid 90′s when the grunge fallout spurned a slew of wannabe hard rockers that dominated the terrestrial airwaves and encouraged suburban kids to wear flannel and doc martins, back to when bands like Mudhoney and Screaming Trees were slugging it out on the same stages as Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. Back before the spoils of success ruined what was great, even if it seemed to last for just a minute in the history of rock and roll. That’s where Bridge Farmers take me, if not intentional, it really doesn’t matter.

Bridge Farmers came together when our heroes where first drawn to a distant light in the desert. They followed this light for days and then it stopped and hung in the air over a abandoned spaceship. Not knowing what to do, they looked up towards the light and then it lit up the sky and knocked our heroes into a state of slumber. When they awoke they began to play rock-n-roll and spread their love of music throughout the land…….and they hope to see you along this journey. .. -Bridge Farmers Myspace

Austin’s Bridge Farmers have little on the web to give you any insite to their world, their existence, their reasoning, but sometimes a little mystery makes it even that much more intriguing. The band does have a 6 song EP titled Din Of Celestial Birds available for stream and download on their Bandcamp page, and an upcoming show @ Red 7 on Jan 22nd. You can bet that you’ll be hearing more about this band in 2011.

MP3> Bridge Farmers ‘Dancing Bones’

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MP3: Monahans “Seabirds” w/Sinead O’Connor

For those of you paying attention, Austin’s Monahans have bee slowly revealing their 2010 Release album one track at a time since March of this year and making them available for download on their site. The final track revealed this year turns out to be a special one, featuring the one and only Sinead O’Connor contributing additional vocals,  and this is a bit about how it all came about:

“About the song…
Drummer Roberto Sanchez and his family took a trip to Ireland earlier this year, and he was inspired by the landscape enough to write a beautiful sketch of what was to become “Seabirds”.  Upon returning to Austin, the band layered upon Rob’s sketch in the studio and then added lyrics.  It became clear that the one thing missing was a voice.  Sinead O’Connor’s voice to be exact.  One thing lead to another, and the song found it’s way back to Ireland, where Sinead graciously contributed her vocals to the song, and the vision of the original sketch was complete.  We hope you enjoy listening to this track, described by the band as a “hopeful song for a broken world”, as its beauty gives us chills every time we listen to it.”

Congrats to the guys in Monahans who have had a great year, and thanks for the tunes.

MP3> Monahans ‘Seabirds’

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Austin Psych Fest 4 Releases 1st Round Of Artists

The folks over at Austin Psych Fest are working hard on series #4 of their unique festival that honors the pioneers of the genre while incorporating some of the modern artist that dip from the past while keeping it current. Taking place April 29th-May 1st @ The East Side Drive In, the festival has just released this pretty impressive list of confirmed acts. More to be announced as well.

January 13th will see more artists revealed with early bird tickets and more Austin Psych Fest details.

And don’t forget that the Austin Psych Fest 3 DVD is available for stuffing the stockings of your psych rock loving friends..hint, hint..

Preview the vid and then follow the jump for list of confirmed artists..Atlas Sound.nice!

AUSTIN PSYCH FEST 3 TRAILER from oswald james on Vimeo.

Read more

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Itch Pick: Monahans w/Whiskey Priest @ Vanguard Theater 12.5

Austin’s Monahans have been having a pretty decent year during 2010. The band has been slowing releasing tracks from their newest recording simply titled 2010 Recordings making them available for download one a month since March to warm reception. The one and only Robert Plant recorded a Milton Mapes (early version of Monahans) track for his Band of Joy release back in September. And they recently recorded a session for the ACL Satellite Sets, just to name a few highlights of the year. Sunday will find the band closing out the year with a unique show at the Salvage Vanguard Theater promising an intimate live audio/visual intimate experience. The Whiskey Priest is listed as special guest.

$10 gets you in


8p.m.- 10p.m. Sunday 12.5

Presented by The Church of The Friendly Ghost

The latest track to be released from the 2010 Recordings

MP3> Monahans ‘Beat Of A Thousand Drums’

Watch the full episode. See more ACL presents Satellite Sets.

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Giveaway: Birds & Batteries Tickets Mohawk + Merch Package

San Francisco’s Birds & Batteries are stopping by Mohawk here in Austin on Wednesday 12.1 setting up shop for a show with locals The Authors and Sleep Good. Pretty solid triple bill happening the first day of December.

Interested in checking out the show and scoring a healthy Birds & Batteries merch package?

This is what is up for grabs:

“Birds & Batteries Holiday Prize Package” – tickets to the Mohawk show for one winner & guest + merch. That would be 2 tickets to the show Wed night, the new CD, the new beautiful 12″ vinyl (comes w/ download card), the tour poster and postcard. A pretty sweet deal!

Email me for a chance to win this package. Winner will be randomly be selected by my fish Phil and will be contacted Wednesday just before noon. Merch package to be picked up at the show from the band.

ENTER HERE w/Birds & Batteries Contest in subject line

Panorama” is the third full-length from San Francisco based Birds & Batteriesand their finest work to date. The new album is a rare mix of organic and electronic, pop and experimental and an effortless play of surprising elements.

Birds & Batteries 2009 EP “Up To No Good” showed singer / bandleader Michael Sempert exploring synth-funk and the influences of Bowie’s ”Scary Monsters” and P-funk.  On “Panorama,” his love for artists like Harry Nilsson, ELO, and David Byrne shines through, and he trades in a bit of the irony for empathy.  Sempert might as well be a scientist in his next life, as he is able to blend his classic folk-ish voice with synth textures for down right futuristic results. When pressed for a simple summary, he’s described the sound as “Art-rock meets Tom Petty.”  Basically it’s not all that easy to define. Sempert is joined by Christopher Walsh (guitar), Jill Heinke (bass), and Brian Michelson (drums).

MP3> Birds & Batteries ‘We’re An Industry’

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Itch Pick: Black Angels @ La Zona Rosa 11.19

Over the past 3 1/2 years that I have been writing this blog, you’ll find that one local band that gets more attention from me than others, is the Black Angels. While the records have always been good/decent in the past, the latest release Phosphene Dream is exactly what the band needed to produce in order to spread the talent of one of the most interesting Austin bands of the past few years. Working with famed producer Dave Sardy turned out to be a wise decision, and the end result has the band playing Letterman, Billboards “Tastmakers” series, and a current tour with Black Mountain, which drops it’s psych heavy groove on Austin at La Zona Rosa on Friday night. If you like the records or the song that you may have heard, but haven’t seen the band, you deserve. It’s always been about the live show with these guys, and it can be a little intense. Do it.

Black Angels at La Zona Rosa 11.19 Tickets

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Video: The Boxing Lesson “One”

Noise psych rockers The Boxing Lesson recently dropped an album showing a bit more of their quieter, softer, lo-fi side. Recorded on a 4-track, the record is all instrumental,  melodic, and getting the band some well deserved attention. Fur State is out now, and if I’m not mistaken might even be available in cassette form. All the cool kids are doing it, I hear.

Check out the video for the track “One”..

The Boxing Lesson – One from The Boxing Lesson on Vimeo.

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The Black Angels To Play Letterman Wed 9.8

As we all patiently await the release of The Black Angels highly anticipated 3rd full length recording Phosphene Dream, the band prepares to unleash some of the newly recorded material for a national television audience on Wednesday night. Tune to the Letterman show Wednesday to see Austin’s finest in psych light up the night. Maybe “Telephone”, or “Bad Vibrations”, or will they throw us a curve ball? Turn on, tune in, and drop out.

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Free Music: Groundwork Music Orchestra w/Ben Kweller, Guy Forsyth, David Garza

Now, if you landed here expecting some new interesting tunes from these artists who seem to be involved in a project that you weren’t aware of, you are correct. But, the interesting part of this is that, the Groundwork Music Orchestra is a group that is making music for kids. Music for the little ones that you might have in your life. You might not have many or any in your life right now, but one day soon…And while you might not think about it much, some of these kids are going to be the future of rock-n-roll. They might be playing the songs that you might be listening to in the sooner than you think future. Best get them on the right track now.

The Groundwork Music Project is a project that provides free to low cost music education to children in the very early years of their life. A time in their life when learning music skills can benefit them in many ways with their development. And some of you out there that I know, probably could have benefited from a little more music early in life.

Ben Kweller, Guy Forsyth, and David Garza join Ground Work Music Project leader Neal Kassanoff to make an album for the kids. And they have made it available for FREE. Donations are accepted and encouraged of course.

Download it for free HERE.

Now, I would prefer that my kids grow up listening to the Beatles and Flaming Lips for inspiration, but not all folks would agree with that approach to music education.

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Get A Taste Of Frank Smith’s Takers w/”Nineteen”

Austin’s Frank Smith turned heads in the Austin music scene with their 2009 release Big Strike In Silver City. Being the band’s 5th release, it was the first release since relocating to Austin, the music city that can swallow up great music and not think twice about doing so. The band has been plugging away at the follow up, recording at the Bubble Studios with Alex Lyon, and if this track titled “Nineteen” is of any indication of what to expect…well, you tell me what you think.

The track is only available for stream on the band’s website or myspace.

No release date mentioned, but I’m guessing sometime in the Fall.

*Update: With the release of the movie Takers, the title of the new album is now Nineteen

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Itch Pick: Red River On The Rocks Saturday 8.28

Some might argue that I don’t support the local bands enough here on the site, so here is a big plug for a slew of local acts bringing their local skills all over the course of one day in one place.

Makers Mark presents Red River On The Rocks @ Mohawk this Saturday 8.28 beginning at 2 p.m. and going all day until closing time 2 a.m. Bands, bands, and more bands playing both the inside stage and outside stage, offering up some of Austin’s finest in the genre of modern rock. DJ’s spinning (they don’t really spin anymore these days) tunes to keep you tapping your feet when taking a break from the head bobbin, fist pumping rock and roll. And it’s presented by Makers Mark, so you know what that means? The booze will be flowing. Some of it for FREE if you pay for VIP or pre-sale. Word is that there is going to be FREE pizza as well! Say isn’t isn’t so, sounds too damn good to be true! But that’s how we roll in the ATX when throwing down a party. And when we party, there’s always a photo booth available to capture these treasured moments of our lives, and Alison Narro does a fine job capturing beautifully. Nothing like showing your kids later in life hundreds of photos of you blasted out of your mind on free booze, night after night, after night, after night. Ooooh, the memories. Funny hats, sunglasses, toy guns, feather boas, what next?

And then there is the music..

3pm The Georgian Company
345pm Booher and the Turkeyz
430pm The Mercers
515pm The Noise Revival Orchestra
6pm Frank Smith
7pm The Eastern Sea
9pm Hacienda
10pm Dead Confederate

315pm Alkari
4pm My Education
445pm Young Girls
530pm Red Falcon
615pm The Boxing Lesson
7pm Melogrand
830pm The Pons
915 Built By Snow
1130pm Ume
1215am Fresh Millions

And of course, you  know I’m going to see the boys from Athens, Ga both Dead Confederate and FUTUREBIRDS. Dead Confederate will be celebrating the release of their 2nd full length Sugar, which is reason enough to pick up tickets now and get your Red River Rocks off!


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MP3: Monahans “I Break The Silence”

Brick by brick, Austin’s Monahans are building their latest release 2010 Recordings by releasing a song a month on their website. The latest track from the band “I Break The Silence” surfaced today, and has a much different feel than anything you may have heard from them previously. Drums, almost tribal, dominate this track throughout with the guitars a bass playing support. Roberto Sanchez could be one of the more creative drummers you might see around town, as he doesn’t use a snare, and this track showcases his unique style.

On a side note, former Spoon bassist seems to be on staff with the band for a little while at least, playing on the recording, and recently in the live shows as well.

If you haven’t been collecting the tracks, which count at 6 now, head over to the bands website.

MP3> Monahans ‘I Break The Silence’

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Itch Pick: THE RUMBLE Austin 8.11 w/The Sour Notes, Hollywood Gossip, & Literature

The L.A. based Future Sounds has teamed up with some of Austin’s finest, including fellow bloggers Covert Curiosity and Austin Town Hall (I know, you’re not a blog site!) to bring you an eve of local music for the low, low, low price of FREE!

Going down Wednesday night 8.11 @ Beerland: The Sour Notes, Hollywood Gossip, and Literature bring you some of Austin’s finest future sounds for FREE!. Did I mention that it was FREE? How about FREE beer? not really.

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Video: Black Angels Recording Phosphene Dream

Austin’s Black Angels are looking to drop another bounty of their self-styled psych-rock, in the name of Phosphene Dream on 9.14.10. Changes are involved with a new label, the recently resurrected Blue Horizon, a new producer, Dave Sardy, and possibly a new direction with their sound.

Patiently we await, and until the drop, a sneak peak…

The Black Angels : Phosphene Dream from LaundroMatinee on Vimeo.

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MP3: Monahans “We Tremble”

If you haven’t tuned in to the sounds of Austin’s Monahans, you might be missing out on one of Austin’s currently undiscovered great secrets. While the band’s popularity quietly begins to bubble under the surface, they are introducing us to their newest recording, simply titled 2010 Recordings, one track at a time. The band began releasing a track a month in March and today finds us with track number 5 titled “We Tremble” with a short statement about the track from the band:

“Building on last month’s theme, the title “We Tremble” echoes the refrain of a classic eerie-yet-powerful hymn. Please pardon our progress as we plunge into darkness. (As if this Texas summer heat wasn’t oppressing enough!) We recommend revisiting Track 1 or watching Double Rainbow after you’ve heard this one.”

Maybe I enjoy the darkness unknowingly, because I really dig this track.

MP3> Monahans ‘We Tremble’

Upcoming Austin shows for the band:

FRIDAY JULY 30 at Club DeVille
with Telegraph Canyon and Aaron Sinclair (of Frank Smith)

FRIDAY AUGUST 13 at ND/501 Studios
Milton Mapes (duo set) opening for AA Bondy and JBM


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