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Fun Fun Fun Fest Pick: Black Lips

Ever seen the Black Lips perform? I haven’t, and the band has a pretty solid reputation for putting on what some might call an “interesting” show. Interesting enough, that they fled India in mid tour fearing that they would be arrested and jailed for “homosexual acts”…hmmm. Debauchery will ensue.  Can’t say that I’m much familiar with the music, but sometimes a band’s reputation strikes up enough interest warranting some attention. That, and I need to see what “Flower Punk” sounds like live.

Black Lips play the Black Stage (?) Sun 11.6 @ 7:50

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Fun Fun Fun Fest To Stream On Pitchfork

It’s official, our little festival is all grown up. Can’t make it to the hottest ticket in town this weekend, but want to catch some of the action? You are one lucky pup.


AUSTIN, TX (October 31, 2011) – Fun Fun Fun Fest and Pitchfork announced today that the 6th annual festival in Austin, Texas will be streaming live on November 4 – 6, 2011. This will be the first time ever that the music of Fun Fun Fun Fest, one of the most progressive independent music festivals in the country, will be available to those outside of Austin, and live.

Unlike other music festivals with similar live streams, Fun Fun Fun Fest will present 4 separate streams with each tailored to different musical tastes, streamed live on one of the most widely read music websites in the world that reaches 3.3 million unique visitors each month. Like the Fun Fun Fun Fest stage setups, each stream will provide a different musical experience, from punk and metal to indie rock and electronica, from bounce and hip hop to competitions and comedy. Fans will be able to toggle the streams to cater to their favorite styles of music, thanks to smart, the quirky, irreverent car.

When asked about the new partnership, Pitchfork had this to say: “Fun Fun Fun Fest has absolutely become one of the great festivals in the country, one that shares the same spirit of adventurous booking and music- and fan-community focus that we bring to our own Pitchfork Music Festival and our other events,” said Pitchfork President Chris Kaskie. “Pitchfork has produced a number of live streams in recent years, and we’re thrilled to be producing the Fun Fun Fun Fest live stream this year, for the first time bringing the festival to music fans outside of Austin.”

Pitchfork Fun Fun Fun Fest Live Stream Schedule

  • Friday, Nov 4th at 12:20pm Central
  • Saturday, Nov 5th at 12:10pm Central
  • Sunday, Nov 6th at 12:15pm Central

To check out the Fun Fun Fun Fest live stream on Pitchfork, go to The stream will begin at these times:

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Pick: Girls

I honestly felt that Girls were going to be one of those bands that put out one interesting album, exploring their creativity to the max with that album, and slowly fade into the indie-rock sunset. Gladly, I was wrong. The band continues to craft catchy, pill induced, California dreamin songs that lay claim to the fact that their creativity has only begun to peak. The bands most recent release Father, Son, and Holy Ghost is a shining example of this. Tapping into his personal experience with the Children of God cult, songwriter Christopher Owens explores a wide spectrum of themes musically and lyrically.

Girls play the Orange Stage Sat 11.5 @ 6:30

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Fun Fun Fun Fest + FFF Nites Official Lineups W/Times

With the coolest festival of the year just a mere 2 1/2 weeks away, the tools to start planning your weekend at Fun Fun Fun Fest are now in your hands. Looks to be an epic weekend of music appealing to all tastes, creeds, genders, religion, and species…

Can’t read the tiny print? Go HERE

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Pick: M83

Not to start with one of the more obvious picks for this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest, but the opportunity to see this outfit founded by French artist Anthony Gonzales called M83 doesn’t come very often in these parts of the woods. A band that fuses ambient electronic soundtrack ready sounds with rock ambition, and the occasional electric guitar, M83 have stood strong for 10 years. The band just released what might be their most ambitious and inspired collection of recorded material on Oct 18th titled Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. Gonzalez describes the newest tracks as darker and “very, very, very epic.”

“Midnight City”, the first track from the album is a definite booty shaker. My interest in this live show grows day by day…

M83 play the Orange Stage on Sat 11. 5 (Time TBA).

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Lineup! Passion Pit, Blonde Redhead, Slayer, The Damned, Public Enemy, and more..

Seems like all I’ve been posting about lately is Fun Fun Fun Fest, but I can’t help it…don’t have as much time as I used to to devote to this and Fun Fun Fun Fest is completely awesome. And it just got uber awesome with this full lineup just announced..

check it…

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Lineup On

So, last year the Fun Fun Fun Fest officials held an entertaining press conference to announce the festival lineup, and this year they get creative once again. Word just went out that this year’s lineup will be announced via next Monday 8/1 beginning at noon. Not familiar with It just happens to be one of the fastest growing music service on the web currently, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to slow down anytime soon. Part streaming, part chat room, voting, and playing dj is what it’s about, and it’s set up through a Facebook portal. I’ll try to explain…

So, you log in with your Facebook account, set up your profile, even pick out a cute little avatar, and then you either start your own room or find a room with a theme that might interest you. In the room are dj spots where individuals can occupy and play music that they have loaded into their queue either from their own personal collection or from the options provided by You can either hang out in the room and just listen to what the dj’s are playing or join in the mix if there is a spot available. There’s chat going on if you want to chat with the other folks in the room. You can vote on tracks giving them either a “lame” rating or an “awesome” rating. Room capacity is 200.

Now, Fun Fun Fun Fest has a room set up and I’m guessing that they are going to be dj’ing tunes from all of the festival artists to announce the lineup. Being that the room capacity is only 200, you better get there early. And if you haven’t set yourself up on, get in on the fun.

Here’s the link to the Fun Fun Fun Fest room:

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Leaks More (MCD) + Fun 2 Discount Ends Today

Fun Fun Fun Fest leaks one more band today, and it’s a good one. Good friends of the Fun Fest, Murder City Devils will be making a rare appearance at the 2011 installment. And if you haven’t been paying attention, the lineup so far: Odd Future, Ra Ra Riot, Kid Dynamite, Okkervil River, X, tUnE-YaRds,  Brian Posehn, and M83…with much more to come.

Today is the last day to get your Fun 2 discount tickets as well, so save yourself some scratch and do it now.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Starts Leaking…

The fine folks over at Fun Fun Fun Fest take no qualms when it comes to being as ambiguous as possible when it comes to hints and now leaks in regards to performers for this years fest. Take the following video which is supposed to reveal the first 5 artists leaked, through a series of nautical codes. HUH?

Well, if you didn’t make it out on your own..this is the short list covering what would appear to be one artist from each one of the various stages you’ll find at Fun Fun Fun Fest..

Brian Posehn, Okkervil River, Odd Future, M83 (yes!), and X

Stayed tuned for more leaks which should be coming soon, and if you haven’t gotten your tickets FUN 2 tickets go on sale this Thur, and they’ll go quick. GET THEM HERE.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest Tickets On Sale Today! Big Price Break!

Sure, Austin is known for SXSW and ACL Festival, but we all know what the best music fest in Austin is…Fun Fun Fun Fest. This year sees a change in venue, which I’m personally torn about, but it might work out to our benefit. Only time will tell.

Straight from The Fun Fun Fun Fest HQ:

FUN 1 On Sale Date YO!

The first round of on-sale tickets, aka FUN 1, are going on sale today at 6 p.m. CST. Shit is officially on! There are several reasons why you should take advantage of the Fun 1 ticketing option:

  • There will be contests, giveaways, and P-I-P upgrades to our homies who snag tickets early.
  • All the cool kids do it.

To be eligible for FUN 1, simply register at and create a user profile.

And, because we love you so much, one lucky FUN 1 ticker holder will win a “Share The Fun Fun Fun” prize and get to fly in a friend for the festival! That¹s right, we know you have some poor friend in Chicago/Boston/Ohio/BFE that is dying to come party Austin style for a weekend and we have you covered. So start saving your tips and jump on this super amazing offer before all the FUN 1 tickets are gone!

You can expect that lineup announcements are just around the corner, and this guy..can’t wait. And if you need any incentive as to why you should jump on this opportunity…just watch the video.

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Video: Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010 Feature Pt 1

From the Mind Of Adi comes video Pt 1, featuring interviews with Fun Fun Fun Fest artists Weird Al Yankovic, Wooven Bones, Royal Forest, and Magnifico. The Weird Al interview is worth the few minutes of your day. And being labeled Pt 1, surely indicates that there are more videos in store to stir up your Fun Fun Fun memories.

2010 Fun Fun Fun Fest Feature (Part One) from From The Mind Of Adi on Vimeo.

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Fun Fun Fun Fest 2010 Video Recap: Unofficial

By now most of you have seen the official Fun Fun Fun Fest recap video, which is awesome as always, but this unofficial video has surfaced, and it’s pretty damn good. It’s got Deerhunter in it..and Yelle.

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Photos: Fun Fun Fun Fest Sunday

While the music is the main draw, this year’s Fun Fun Fun Fest provide a cornucopia of events to entertain and even take part in if so desired..

Get the flash player here:

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Photos: Fun Fun Fun Fest Saturday

The dust has settled, mostly in our lungs, and the spirit of Fun is slowing wearing off. A few photos to resurrect the memories of Saturday at Fun Fun Fun Fest.

Get the flash player here:

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Deerhunter On Spinner Interface

The Interface on brings us some cool live performances along with interviews, and the latest in their series is Deerhunter. As I mentioned before, the recorded stuff has always found a place in my time for listen, but the live always feels so much richer and warmer. As demonstrated in this latest installment of The Interface. Check out “Desire Lines” here, and jump over to for 3 more tracks including a 17 minute version of “Helicopter/He Would Have Laughed” and interesting interview with the band as well.

If this doesn’t inspire a last minute purchase of a ticket to Sunday’s Fun Fun Fun Fest to see Deerhunter, then do it for the kids..

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